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We are a cross-cultural music education company with teachers and coaches devoted to develop your Skills and Talents either to beginners or advanced students. You take your training in our locations or from your home because we use state-of-the-art communication technologies to connect our teachers and coaches with you.
We offer a variety of private and group lessons for music and academic areas under the leadership of our Director Mrs. Sofia Yanez Malik, MBA - MEM.
She is an American-Ecuadorian well known educator, Soprano and piano teacher with over 25 years of experience; helping students from USA and Ecuador to find their path. Currently, Sofia is pursing her Doctorate of Education in Leadership and Innovation at St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida.

How you can follow the Smart Way to Develop your Skills and Talents?

You get your training in our studio or from your home – anywhere in the world – because we use state-of-the-art communication technologies to connect our teachers and coaches with you!

Music Lessons to All Music Lovers

Voice | Piano | Guitar| Violin
(Lessons for fun, music development and contest participation)

We offer music lessons packages for Voice, Piano, Guitar and Violin and other instruments. Genres are Classical, Pop, Opera, Musical Theater, R&B, Rock, and Religious and Gospel music. Bilingual classes are available under request . We offer a yearly recital in the Steinway and Sons, tour, and special invitations for performances due to our Educational Partnership. We offer lessons from 5 years old students to adults as well. We offer lessons “for fun” where you decide to learn at your own convenience, and learning the songs that you want, or from a book kit that are in a chosen method. We use mother methods that are book based, but with the support of other tools: like CD’s , Apps, Videos and online trainings for enhancing your music learning journey. We have preschool music immersion classes too. For teens, and adults the method is based in their own interest, and goal settings. Classes are available at home, online, or in our locations. Minimum commitment is 12 weeks.

How to Start Music Lessons

RC International Music Program

Certificate | Medals | Hight School Credits
(To US and Latinamerican Students)

We offer Royal Conservatory's International Music program which is a renowned music study system and assessment from Preparatory to Advance levels. The program allows students “to work at their own pace” with a curriculum encompasses repertory from classical to contemporary music, and includes etudes, ear tests, sight reading, technique and theory. Individual examinations to get certification are made by Canadian music teachers who travel around the North America taking exams that enable students to get recognition, medals, and High School credits. US and Latinamerican students can participate in this program once they pass an online or face to face audition. Classes can be also in their respective schools, or music academy under our guidance and planning. We offer these programs in all modes: online, at home, or in our Music Studio. Classes are individual and in groups from 5 years old to Adults. Minimum commitment can be required.

How to Start RC Music Program
[ Spanish speaker students should go to our website ( ]

Vocal Coaching

Increase Range | Breathing | Articulation
(Classical, Musical Theater, Pop, R&B and Religious Music)

Either you are developing your voice for fun, or you want to step up in a singing career , we will guide you in how to increase your range, breathing capacity, articulation, and general musicianship. We are able to teach you songs in 7 different languages, including Spanish, Italian , German and French, and in genres like Classical, Musical Theater, Pop, R&B, and Religious Music. Package of music lessons are customized after your 1st trial lesson where we do an assessment of your voice, range, and stage presence, and definition of your goals for your voice lessons. You will have a weekly follow up with your coach by email ,video, or text to enhance your lessons. Minimum coach times is for 4 months . Lesson packages are for students with ages from 7 to 65 years old.

How to Start Vocal Coaching

Visible Music College

Christian Music | Music Production | Music Business
(Teens, Young Adults and Worshipers)

We are proudly mentors and educational partners with the Visible Music College, so we can help teens, young adults, and worshipers getting admission to the most amazing Christian College focused in Music Business, Music Production and Contemporary Christian Music. Programs available include at this time: Certificates, Bachelors, and Master Degrees Program in the above concentrations. We are authorized to help you to fulfill the requirements to be in, and also to prepare you for auditions, and preparedness process for merit scholarships, and more in order to study with them. Visible Music College’s main Campus is on Mid South, plus 4 worldwide locations. Online programs are available for South Florida and South America including Ecuador at this time . Students can pre register for early participation in this or other of their music programs.

How to Start to Be Visible

Academic Tutoring

Math | Reading | Spanish | ESL
(K-12, Pre-College, College)

We offer one to one and group tutoring in academic areas for grades K-12 , and from Pre-College to College level. We cover areas like ESL, Math, Reading, and Spanish. After School programs in Writing, Reading and Music are available in our locations, at home, or online as well. Diagnostics and assessment improvement is done for your examination. Special needs kids are welcome for this service.

How to Start with Tutoring

ESL (English as a Second Language)

Academic | Professional | Citizenship
(Reading, Writing and Pronunciation)

If you want to improve your English language, you can look for us to help you in any area that you struggle with like reading, writing, or pronunciation issues. We also help individuals who need to understand more English for their careers in Business, Law, Customer Service, Music, Teaching, Hospitality, or Engineering, in order to be hired, or to stay , or gaining a new position in their current or future jobs. Also, we offer lessons for individuals who need to pass the Civics test in order to gain their American Citizenship. We offer lessons in group, or one to one. Lessons are offered in our locations, and online for your better convenience.

How to Start Improving English

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